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Whale Watching Code of Conduct

We at Gozo Azul Dolphin Centre form part of a group of the world’s leading responsible whale and dolphin watching tour operators delivering wildlife-friendly encounters and outstanding customer experiences.

Our customers can be confident that they are travelling with the very best tour operators and that they will enjoy some of the most amazing whale and dolphin watching experiences in the world!

Our tours operate with the utmost care for local wildlife, sustainability, and the customer experience.

Whale watching has huge potential for people and whales, but it needs to be undertaken responsibly, following an approved code of conduct.

Our Code of Conduct for Responsible Whale Watching

After consultation with partners from the World Cetacean Alliance, Gozo Azul Dolphin Centre has adopted a code of conduct that puts the needs of the whales first.

Key elements include:
• Allowing the whales to control the interaction
• Observing recommended safe distance
• Never chasing whales or blocking their path
• Avoiding whale pods that have recently been visited by another boat
• Ending an encounter if there is any sign of stress or agitation from the whales
• Staying up-to-date with scientific /industry recommendations and best practice educating clients about whales conservation and contributing to scientific research.

Caution is required when approaching whales by boat.

The rules are:
• Approach from the side
• Keep at least 100m away (but whales may come closer to you)
• Go slowly. With motor under 6knots max (no wake)
• Allow the whales to come to you and to leave when they have had enough
• Don’t block their path
• Don’t approach them from behind
• Don’t crowd, no more than 1 boats in the 100m zone at any time

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